By Lon Haenel, Local News ROI

We talk a lot about funnel marketing. The paths two consumers take to conversion are not alike. We know a lot about our aggregated audience. Yet unlocking and learning common paths to conversion could be critical in replicating and optimizing those paths.

Machine learning gives rise to chain-based models. Those models look at your data over time and “learn” the patterns. When we understand the outcomes of the patterns, it raises the intelligence and quality of your marketing efforts.

Why does this matter? Nielsen research points to the fact that only 1 in 4 marketers can point to the real path and cause for conversion.

Nielsen research, 2018

Our mission at Local News ROI is to help publishers focus on growing revenue by improving relationship and thus ROI with their current customers. We start by improving retention on acquisition by volume. Confidently knowing the conversion path is critical in expanding a print reader or web user’s lifetime value.

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