To continue to engage the younger generations, newspapers are going out of the ordinary and conducting podcasts. The medium is gaining traction, especially with Millennials.

The New York Times popular podcast The Daily fits the bill. In this era, it is valuable to tinker and test new things. Embracing the audience is so critical. For some audiences, just writing the traditional news story won’t get it done. With so many different ways to tell a story, finding the right formula for the right segment takes time, work, and will produce failures. But when you get it right, you get it right.

Aftenposten, the biggest newsprint company in Norway, has already launched a podcast segment called Forklart (“explained”). Three months after its launch in September of 2018, they had a daily audience of 35,000 people (their target was only 10,000). They also found that 70% of their listeners were under the age of 35. 48% of their listeners were female and 52% were male. 90% of their listeners listened to the entire podcast from start to finish.  

One of the biggest draws to this type of news to the younger generation is how convenient it is. In today’s world we constantly have our phones with us. Whether we are in the shower, in the car, doing house work or getting ready for the day, accessing a podcast and listening to it is much more convenient than reading its print counterpart. And to Millennials, much more fun.

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