As the impact of the Coronavirus spreads, I continue to be so incredibly proud of our team. More than ever, the news industry and the world need us – to create the sales and marketing solutions that will make it safer, more informed, and easier than ever before to become (and remain) a member and a news subscriber.

I’m equally proud of your work and that of your teams. Everyday the newspaper industry goes to work sharing life-saving facts, tips, stories, and video with audiences in print and online. Newspapers are published and delivered, news sites are updated throughout the day, and advertisers- like other businesses- are getting the word out. With your journalism, you truly are saving lives.

I am grateful for your tireless efforts and honored to be a part of this very chapter in time. Keep spreading the news, not the virus.

During these trying times, at Local News ROI we have plans in place to continue serving our customers.

  • At newspaper kiosk promotion locations, we are providing public access to disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer. Both for the use of our sales teams and the general public.
  • We conduct hourly cleanings of our display area.
  • We have reduced or eliminated our use of free newspaper samples with the public.
  • Many of our grocery and retail partners are very concerned, and in most cases, have asked us to refrain from returning until after the “all clear” signal has been given.

We understand the unprecedented strain on our clients and the industry. You are reliant on traditional, robust channels to produce hard starts month after month.So, in response, we created a new plan to continue to produce your All Access and Digital Only start orders during this difficult time. In the coming days, we will provide you with more information on the Local News ROI COVID-19 Consumer Marketing Response Bundle.

Stay healthy,

Lon Haenel
Local News ROI

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