Well, we made it through last week. Hopefully, you’re staying safe. When I last wrote I promised to share with you a new plan. This plan- or bundle of consumer marketing services– is designed with you in mind. I’m hearing from all over the country about the downturn of the kiosk channel. We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it.

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Please, let’s first agree that we are reliant on our robust, traditional hard-start channels. The COVID-19 virus that started in Asia and is now sweeping through the United States has, to say the least, caused a public health response that has limited in some cases, and restricted in most cases, your kiosk channel’s access to its traditional grocery and kiosk locations. If you’re a market reliant on sports and event marketing venues for kiosk starts, that has been wiped out, too.

At Local News ROI we have created the Consumer Marketing Response Bundle. It is an a la carte offering of acquisition services. It is our responsibility to continue to produce order volume for our clients and the industry, despite losing access to our traditional channel partners. These are namely grocery, retail, and events partners.

We are recommending this plan to lessen the economic blow. Our alternatives help you replace your lost kiosk volume. It is designed to offset lost starts due to restricted channels such as door-to-door, kiosk, and events marketing.


  • Turn-key options
  • All Access and Digital Only product types
  • Continue receiving orders for your existing direct channels (aka, your current kiosk offerings)
  • No face-to-face contact or selling reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19
  • “Social distanced” newspaper subscription sales
  • Think of it as “kiosking without the kiosk”
  • Continue to enjoy your budgeted level of kiosk starts

In today’s newsletter, we’re featuring our televoice services. Since we’re able to target consumers quite effectively, this is a strong piece of the Response Bundle mix. Our programs feature both outbound telemarketing and inbound sales lead conversion. Even if your current budget funds some level of sales from a telemarketing channel, we will enhance and actually optimize results. Our team players have extensive telemarketing seniority. The careful two-step process ensures our flow of orders to you will be verified and clean. What’s best? You select EZPay and/or paid-in-advance orders. If you want billed orders at a lower cost, we are happy to structure a campaign to do that, too.

Advantages of Local News ROI Televoice Marketing Services:

  • Supplements all other inbound and outbound marketing
  • We direct dial mobile lines and land lines for a greater contact rate and more closed sales
  • Customer experiences are personalized with higher quality touches
  • All calls are live and not on a dialer
  • Absolutely no “robo calling”
  • Two-step process to drive integrity of orders
  • EZPay, paid-in-advance, or if you prefer, billed orders
  • Reverse telemarketing campaigns
  • Niche campaigns: for example credit card expiration recovery and digital-only stops, too

Please watch your inbox for future consumer marketing updates. During these trying times, at Local News ROI we have new plans in place to continue serving you and all our customers.  

Stay healthy,

Lon Haenel
Local News ROI

P.S. Now’s the time to break out a reverse telemarketing campaign, too. This unique form of telemarketing helps you beat the no-call lists.

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