Coronavirus is all over the news. OK, there I said it. Captain Obvious strikes again! However, very interesting trends are emerging as a result, maybe even not so obvious. As news publishers, our sites have been ravished, not by the virus this time, but by consumers. And in a good way: these consumers crave facts, updates, stories, perspectives, video, photo galleries, charts, and analyses that you deliver 24/7!

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The Facts

One-third of all page views were COVID-19 articles. That’s a 44% increase versus the week prior.

35% of total engaged time is spent with COVID-19 content. Compared to just the week before that is a whopping increase of 118%.

Consumers spend 40 seconds on Conronavirus content. As consumer marketers, that’s a huge opportunity. Why? We know that:

45% leave within the first 15 seconds and of those, 60% never return

Engaging readers past 15 seconds ensures audiences are far more likely to return to your site over and over again

-Your C19 coverage is driving engagement and frequency

-Those audiences right now provide tremendous upside opportunity!

Consumers are actively seeking information at an increasingly growing rate. We’re seeing this in the explosion of page views, total engaged time, and average engaged time. Unfortunately, with this week’s historic record of unemployment filers, this trend should continue. As a nation of people with time on their hands, they will consume more media than ever before.

Our Challenge: The huge opportunity is monetizing and engaging readers today. COVID-19 or not, fundamental best practices will ensure you grow your digital subscribers and revenue.  

How diversified is your marketing mix? Be sure you’re properly balanced today and moving forward. Add firepower to your marketing mix by doubling down on consumer digital initiatives to beat down your losses from traditional start channels: supermarket kiosk, events kiosk, and door-to-door. The Local News ROI Digital Bundle isn’t just for digital subscriptions. It works just as hard selling print or All Access subscriptions, too. Here is how it works.

Digital Bundle

RE-TARGET| Your paywall stops, email newsletter opens, subscription shopping cart abandons, and frequently returning web users are buying signals. Local News ROI helps you by targeting your marketing and subscription sales message to these segments on email, mobile, web, display, social media, YouTube, and even direct mail.

GEO-TARGET| Your supermarket kiosk program might be on hold today, but you can still sell! Target locations where your market buys their groceries and supplies. Stay top of mind and keep selling. Helps you to “kiosk without the kiosk.”

Unlock the value of your lists.
Profit by unlocking your data to write more subscriptions orders.

SEGMENT| Your marketing message is more powerful when it’s personalized. We help you analyze consumer interests before they get “stopped” by your paywall. We use this data to deliver a personalized experience to just the right audience and just the right time.

MICRO GEO-TARGET| Using your clean address data, we target your former subscribers online. This includes web, mobile, and social media. Just run a list of your former subscribers and we do the rest.

LOOK-ALIKE TARGET BUILDING| Using your current customer data, Local News ROI builds look-alike targeting segments that we sell for further subscription growth on the social media giants. Simply provide your active subscriber list and we do the hard work.

Please watch your inbox for future consumer marketing updates. During these trying times, at Local News ROI we have new plans in place to continue serving you and all our customers.  

Stay healthy,  

Lon Haenel
Local News ROI

P.S.  Yes, C19 is all over the news. Unique times call for creative solutions. Reach out today to see just how creative we can be together.

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