Do more than run lists and reports.

I just ran out of time.

You’ve heard this from your team. I’ve heard it from you. And your customers remind you of this daily. Seemingly nobody has time. Journalism takes time. Great journalism takes lots of time. So does the business that supports our American journalism.

Payroll and paper are our largest expenditures. These days, we have less of both. As a result, no surprise to anyone who’s been around the business a while.

We have less time AND fewer people to execute on sales goals. Since we have less of both, we have good news. The Consumer Marketing Acquisition Bundle drives your print (All Access) subscription starts. It does the same for your digital-only orders, too. It works hard when you’re busy working on everything else.

You don’t have time for new projects. Neither do your IT staff or tech staff. That’s why we designed the Acquisition Bundle to implement without resources from your tech and IT teams. The acquisition bundle is lean and mean. Here’s why:

The acquisition bundle is lean and respects your time.

  • No IT resources required
  • No tech team involvement
  • Extremely fast to bring to market
  • The model uses your “formers” and “actives” subscriber data (lists) to target and clone
  • Unleashes supplemental data to spot new opportunity
  • Targets, re-targets, and clones against a cross-channel, cross-platform mix that appeals to subscribers
  • Drives new subscribers to your landing page- or ours- for seamless conversion to a paid subscription order

Write subscription starts while you’re asleep.

You select the number of starts you need every month. The Bundle may be scaled up or down, based on your unique plan. You determine the mix of print All Access orders vs. digital-only. The Bundle is the perfect way to blitz your market to significantly drive your digital-only starts. Or throttle up your print audience when you need it most.

You do have time to do this. Count on Local News ROI as your trusted acquisition and retention partner. We do all the heavy lifting. Please reach out for your complimentary market analysis. We will review your market, data sources, and provide a forecast of starts volume and budget. Or feel free to reach us directly by calling (608) 289-4070.

Hurry! Don’t let any more time slip by on your way to exceeding your subscription sales goals. We are better together.

Unlock the value of your lists.
Profit by unlocking your data to more subscriptions orders.

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