The Consumer Marketing Acquisition Bundle is a layered approach to drive subscription acquisition sales & marketing. It was developed by the newspaper industry for the newspaper industry. Two former newspaper executives, Lon Haenel and Daryl Hively, now deliver complete solutions that drive new customers, new revenue, and strong yield performance on your new starts.

“The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on newspapers,” said Lon Haenel, founder and president of Local News ROI. “It is our responsibility to continue to produce order volume for our clients and the industry, despite losing access to our traditional channel partners. Traditional kiosk locations like grocery, retail, and events are all shut down, as is the sales volume from the newspaper kiosk channel.”

“We are recommending this plan to lessen the economic blow,” said Haenel. The bundled alternatives help audience directors replace lost kiosk volume. It is designed to offset lost starts due to restricted channels such as kiosk and even door-to-door sales crews.

Local News ROI provides many turn-key options within the acquisition bundle. All Access and Digital Only subscriptions are sold within bundle campaigns. It starts working NOW while you continue receiving orders from your other existing channels. No face-to-face contact or selling reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19. This is “social distanced” newspaper subscription sales at its best. Think of it as “kiosking without the kiosk.” With the acquisition bundle you continue to enjoy your budgeted level of kiosk starts.

Haenel told us that the key to success is steeping his clients’ campaigns in data. “Every market is different. We begin new campaigns by building data models against which to run the media campaigns.” Local News ROI targets, re-targets, segments, and identifies high-propensity subscriber prospects by using current data and supplementing with outside data for a true edge-to-edge market campaign.

Why choose the Local News ROI Acquisition Bundle?

  • No IT resources required
  • No tech team involvement
  • Extremely fast to bring to market
  • The model uses your “formers” and “actives” subscriber data (lists) to target and clone
  • Unleashes supplemental data to spot new opportunity
  • Targets, re-targets, and clones against a cross-channel, cross-platform mix that appeals to subscribers
  • Drives new subscribers to your landing page- or ours- for seamless conversion to a paid subscription order

“At Local News ROI,” said Haenel, “we increase your consumer revenue by selling your customers what they want. You simply provide us with a strong subscription offer, approve your creative, and we reach and convert your highest-propensity customers where they are.” Haenel said his firm uses targeting technology to locate your best prospects and then convinces them to subscribe.

Why others prefer the Acquisition Bundle from Local News ROI:

  • Local News ROI provides all the creative (ads, emails, etc.); audience managers simply provide an aggressive subscription offer
  • The newspaper has full control over the message: just approve the ad proofs and your campaign begins to drive news starts
  • All campaign planning is provided on your behalf: promo codes, landing pages, data tracking, web analytics, social performance and more; you will know every aspect of your campaigns’ performance
  • It is a single, all-in-one solution
  • Local News ROI specializes in driving sales with expertise by creating and fulfilling beautiful, hardworking campaigns
  • Many layers– not just a single campaign: direct mail, email marketing, outbound telemarketing, supplementary data targeting, social media targeting your formers and best new prospects from our prospect model, addressable micro-geotargeting at the household location level, and behavioral re-targeting of newsletter “opens” and other intender behaviors

“Getting campaigns live fast is what we do,” Haenel added. “Our ‘no-IT-required‘ bundle works with your actives and formers data, without the need to involve your local IT staff. ” Local News ROI uses data to identify, target, and re-target your best prospects through a variety of online and offline channels. This is a great solution for marketers or teams that are charged with growing print + All Access and Digital Only subscription audiences.

For more information, please contact Lon Haenel at 608 289-4070.

The Consumer Marketing Acquisition Bundle
At Local News ROI we increase your consumer revenue by selling your customers what they want. You simply provide us with a strong subscription offer, approve your creative, and we reach and convert your highest-propensity customers where they are. We use targeting technology to locate your best prospects and convince them to subscribe. We sell subscriptions your customers want to buy.

You select the number of starts you need every month. The Bundle may be scaled up or down, based on your unique plan. You determine the mix of print All Access orders vs. digital-only. The Bundle is the perfect way to blitz your market to significantly drive your digital-only starts. Or throttle up your print audience when you need it most.

Please reach out for your complimentary market analysis. We will review your market, data sources, and provide a forecast of starts volume and budget. Or feel free to reach us directly by calling (608) 289-4070.

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