Throttle Up your Starts

Newspaper subscription orders

You select the number of starts you need every month. The Bundle may be scaled up or down, based on your unique plan. You determine the mix of print All Access orders vs. digital-only. The Bundle is the perfect way to blitz your market to significantly drive your digital-only starts. Or throttle up your print audience when you need it most.

The High Cost of Losing a Customer

The cost of losing a customer is staggering. In business, the number of customers you have is one of the predictors of future revenue. Every customer has revenue value. Some more, some less. In newspapers, we know painfully well that losing more customers than we gain is the recipe for decline. With ad dollars tied…

Unique Bonus Content Drives Traffic 123% Higher

Page views and visitors double when you give customers more of what they want. #FunIdeaFriday Rising costs of newsprint and distribution have gotten publishers to consolidate and slash expenses. When it comes to reducing daily and weekly page count, it is a gut-wrenching process. As the ad slide continues, removing manufacturing, raw material, and distribution…