We’re a small, talented group located in Janesville, WI. Our DNA is rich in taking care of customers. Our philosophy is simple. If you care as much for your customers as you do your bottom line, both will improve when you nourish and invest in your customers. You love your customers.

Lon Haenel, founder
Local News ROI

In the world of newspaper marketing, both print and digital, new customers come at an expensive cost. We are dedicated to taking care of your customers and driving financial performance as a result.

Lon Haenel is a former newspaper executive. Local News ROI was founded to give back to the industry. In an era of challenging customer volumes, opportunities abound. Newspaper demographics are tough and adapting to changing media appetites is even tougher. The key to driving meaningful growth is to re-establish strong customer relationships.

If you’re concerned what your next move is or where to concentrate or shift marketing budget, please contact us. Make your next move the one that your customers love.

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