Relationship equals Revenue.

Local News ROI features a quality kiosk channel for starts. More consumers enter the top of the funnel, get engaged, and stay engaged. Our kiosk sales programs are built for long-term retention, not just 13 weeks. We will optimize sales performance so that your new starts collectively deliver strong retention metrics.

Competent selling and confident fulfillment drives customer satisfaction. When executed properly, the Local News ROI program drives as much as 78% of the happy customer experience (2009, Genesys Global Survey).

Reach out to us today for your complimentary market analysis. With over 100 markets and 20 years of experience, we provide benchmarks that help you exceed your goals.

Kiosk advantage with Local News ROI

The Secret Sauce

  • Market development. Our veteran traveling teams get you up and running quickly or let us develop your market with home-grown talent.
  • Digital subscription acquisition. Publishers are growing their digital base annually by as much as 70%. The Local News ROI kiosk channel is designed to assist with your digital growth plans.
  • Order validation is a fundamental necessity. Clean orders go into your system. Clean revenue comes out of your system and down to your bottom line.
  • Relentless attention to retention and yield. It’s not the number of sales you get, it’s the number of subscribers you keep. Profit from our revenue and yield forecasting so you’re always in control of your acquisition budgets.
  • Uncommon focus on your goals. Local News ROI was developed by the newspaper industry for the newspaper industry. We get what you need. Whether it is a few hundred or a few thousand clean starts, we have you covered.
  • Point-of-sale technology eases the burden of hand entry. This available technology frees your staff for more valuable activities. Let us show you how easy our credit card capture and order capture starts go straight into your circulation system. Schedule a demo today.

The Kiosk Advantage: Local News ROI

1. An opportunity that requires very few newspaper resources to execute

2. Strong communication and ethics

3. Strong churn performance frees up your resources

4. Dedicated and professional teams

5. Traveling kiosk team model or local home-grown program

6. Professional sources of sustainable kiosk channel orders

7. Tucks in with other acquisition and kiosk pressure in your market

8. Profit from best-of-breed consumer marketing

9. Inexpensive, very inexpensive comparatively

10. Simple MSA

11. Fixes pain points in kiosk, acquisition, and retention

12. Enhances subscription revenue across both acquisition and retention verticals

13. Realize gains while waiting for new plans or people to begin other initiatives

14. Program is a la carte so can be tailored to work with the rollout of any future solutions

15. Constantly adding new functionality to keep our clients current

16. PCI Compliant point-of-sale system (optional, but highly recommended)

17. Consider adding the New Subscriber Welcome Journey to the Local News ROI Kiosk program

Newspaper kiosk programs that deliver strong revenue results

Real revenue growth

Every kiosk program in every market we serve is focused on one thing: revenue results. We believe that producing clean orders with EZPay will result in strong customer lifetime value in your market.

Don’t take our word for it. Spend a few minutes on the phone with our satisfied customers. You’ll hear how we approach the kiosk channel- and consumer marketing- differently. And how much they appreciate growing with us.

Contact us today!

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