Information, media, and the news is always on. We live in a mobile-enabled, tech rich world. It is a world full of media brands competing for your customer. It is complex in a media-fractured world. We help newspapers achieve significance.

Local News ROI – Success Model

Establish Clarity

Define the consumer segment(s) and opportunity with each. Articulate the problem to be solved and how the consumer feels before and after.

Spawn Ideas

Forge the stories to be told. Be creative with the ending. Define the customer action you find meaningful. Develop a plot where your brand’s significance leads your customers, organizations, businesses, and the community.

Set Pathways

Work hand-in-hand to develop tactics that realize the clear opportunity. The customer journey is defined by segment. Specific campaigns and touch points roll up to seize the opportunity.

Launch Experiences

We fail when we say everybody knows what a newspaper is. When we go beyond what the brand says, we win. We craft immersive experiences that move consumers to “feel” the newspaper brand, see how it behaves, and touch the value that it brings to its customers and communities.

Know by Optimization

Hope is not a plan. Knowing is far better than wishing, guessing, and hoping. Data is our lighthouse. We judge success by it. The clarity of rekindled and rebuilt relationships is manifested in data. We grow brands. When your brand grows, so will your bottom line. That’s Local News ROI.

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