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We feature kiosk programs that drive revenue yield well beyond 13 weeks. at Local News ROI we help you design a program that builds revenue beyond the first and even the second year.

Turn-key Acquisition Bundle

If you’re responsible for your newspaper’s print subscriptions starts, this is for you. We x-ray your “formers” and “actives” subscriber data to find new opportunities for growth. Our segmentation analysis yields greater print and digital subscription growth.

Learn how to profit with the turn-key acquisition bundle. It requires no IT resources or tech involvement to launch. With prices lower than your usual kiosk starts, adding more print and digital orders to your mix is as easy as requesting a free quote from Local News ROI.


This is a fancy word meaning a better understanding of different types of customers. We build a heat map describing demographic and consumer tendencies for each of the following segments. That way you identify, isolate, and target.

We provide three segments that will grow your business and two proven tactics to increase your customer tenure, which means more lifetime value revenue for you.


Advocacy marketing focuses on getting current customers to talk about your product to their friends or network. It relies on capitalizing on positive experiences to not only gain customers, but increase retention. Encourages repeat purchases for customers who choose to refer in a number of ways.

You will receive two powerful tools to drive word of mouth. These aren’t barren testimonials. Instead, you will be armed with proven tactics that grow your base.


A reactivation campaign is a series of messages delivered to past customers who are no longer engaging with your products or service. At Local News ROI, we focus on personalization above everything else.

Like all retention strategies, to be successful, a reactivation campaign must first identify a specific segment of customers that are about to leave or that have already left, and second, accurately determine why they are leaving and propose a value proposition to overcome this. Use our five proven steps to win back customers at a much lower acquisition cost.

Premium Memberships

Memberships haven’t received unanimous use in the newspaper industry. While some adopt the Membership concept, most leave to their customers whatever perception of value their subscription’s membership provides. The best way to position your brand is to control the messaging. That’s exactly what we help you do at Local News ROI.

We help you avoid the major pitfalls of designing a membership program. To be successful, memberships must be positioned with four fundamental elements.

Empower Customers with Convenience

In the early days, Starbucks founders focused on the sounds and the smells inside their shops in order to provide a delightful customer experience. But to grow, they had to get innovative. One of their most innovative customer retention moves is their Mobile Order & Pay feature within their app. Thanks to the new feature, customers can order their coffee before they even arrive at the shop.

Members crave simplicity and convenience. Whether it be placing an order, requesting customer service, your customers deserve simplicity across the full range of communication platforms and devices- telephone, social media, email, chat, text, app, and web site. We have the technology to unify and simplify your sales and service. Local News ROI develops your convenience strategy while saving you money.

Speak to Your Customers (and listen)

Local News ROI focuses heavily on asking the right questions in order to gain insights they can execute on. They use this information to make better business decisions and retain your customers.

The biggest lesson is in what your customers say and how they say it. They express what we’re doing right and, more importantly, what we’re getting wrong. It is a teachable moment. This moment allows us to identify unhappy customers before they churn.

Local Matters ROI offers nine available services to listen- really listen- to your customers. We baseline where we are today and benchmark a level of success. We don’t stop until we exceed your satisfaction and your goals.

New Member Onboard Experience

Subscribers that cancel or don’t renew frequently cite the digital registration or e-newsletter process was too difficult or even broken. In some cases, subscribers did not even know about the full content and product offering of your enterprise. Shame on us.

Automating this process saves you time and money. It isn’t a project it is a process. Commonly referred to as customer journeys, we walk alongside your customers helping them to unlock the full value of their membership.

Since new member onboarding is the most critical segment in retention marketing, we provide 19 campaigns executed omni channel. Email and outbound calling only scratch the surface. We provide an immersive “welcome to your new membership” experience.

“At-Risk” Subscriber Journey

It’s not magic, it’s just data. Local News ROI uses your data to find signals to build an At-Risk Subscriber segment. Against that, we market the value of your brand and the depth of your content and local product line.

We personalize the message, throw in a surprise or two, and re-sell your customer on the full value of membership. In all, we provide nine campaigns to stop the stop before they stop. Delighted, to say the least.

“Core” Subscriber Journey

Take great care of your best customers and they will take care of you. In this era, it is not a given that your best customers will “just automatically renew” at their next expiration event. They control 80-90% of your revenue. You cannot afford NOT to market to this segment. Yet too many newspapers view it is a transaction and not a relationship.

Local News ROI uses weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly touch points to help you send the love to your best customers. This is in addition to your standing newsletter portfolio. The experience is based on seven triggers that invite, delight, and reinforce the full value of their membership and subscription.

In-App Experiences

Your news app- think Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store- reaches new and unique audiences. It is a growing segment that requires some new tools to properly cultivate. The big guys are your “frenemies.” With proper execution, your app is an extension of your brand.

Local News ROI simplifies your in-app experience, driving revenue and retention. Put our four strategies to work across your audience to build valuable new customer relationships faster and streamline existing ones. Apps are a critical component to your success.

Apologize When You Make Mistakes

We all screw up from time to time. In the newspaper business, we are all too familiar with press break downs, weather delaying home delivery, source citation errors, spelling or grammar mistakes, and the list goes on. Recent research by HubSpot found that, in cases of company error, 96% of survey respondents would continue buying from a company they regularly purchased from if they apologized and rectified the situation. Local News ROI helps you to develop a plan for the inevitability of a mistake — and a plan for how to solve it promptly, apologize honestly, and move forward to retain your loyal customers.

Your customers will benefit when you use our streamlined approach to customer escalations, managing your online reputation, and voice response strategies that work. Let us say we’re sorry.

Bonus Content

The daily miracle seems to be getting smaller these days. No less miraculous, mind you, just quite a bit smaller. Your best customers are very sensitive to the size of the product. Local News ROI builds your bonus content strategy across replica e-edition, app, or dot com website to add value to your readers’ lives.

Local News ROI helps you create, distribute, and drive engagement to extra content your customers won’t find in print. You save money and your customers are happy with the additional content.

Exiting the Premium Edition “business”

Some newspapers have turned to premium billed products to close revenue gaps. Unfortunately, customers haven’t been happy with the business practice. It is a very lucrative form of short-term revenue. But the long-term damage to the customer relationship can be catastrophic. In some cases, premium editions have lead to class action legal action against newspaper owners.

At Local News ROI we show you how to mitigate losses related to exiting the premium edition business. You love your customers, they are worth it.

Grace Cycle Campaigns

Not your average grace marketing campaigns. At Local News ROI, we have battle-tested just about every element and deliver to you only the best-in-breed tactics. We work with your customers before, during, and after the grace period.

All solution are omni-channel and include analytics so your ROI is never a guess. Hope is never a good plan.

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